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According to Ron Rogers, Director of Kenosha County Division of Children and Family Service, their goal is to recruit 40 more foster homes during 2019.

Throughout 2018, Wisconsin congressional representatives conducted listening sessions all over the state, seeking to find solutions to the worsening foster care crisis in our state. With the opioid epidemic fueling a rise in the number of foster children that need homes in our city, state, and nation, we are left asking:  ”What if we all worked together to help these children?” Could all the children without a safe home finally be placed in loving foster homes? Together, the answer is YES! 1Hope seeks to mobilize volunteer power to support the foster care cause in our community. Faith communities, civic groups, businesses, and individuals will all be invited to do something to improve capacity and stability in foster care. These children are some of the most vulnerable members of our community; therefore, when you change the trajectory of a foster child you literally change our community forever! JOIN us in helping to serve children in Foster care!

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