Programs to empower, unify, and strengthen neighborhoods.

1HOPE provides a holistic approach to community transformation.

The needs and dreams of the community shape the type of work we do. We focus on structure and systems within the community as a way to create flourishing for everyone.

Community transformation is “WHY” we do what we do, but unity is “HOW” 1HOPE seeks to accomplish this change. We asked asked State, County, and City leadership for the most strategic areas of focus to create momentum we can all rally around. Food, mentoring, and foster care was at the top of their leaders’ lists and had has subsequently become the focal point of 1HOPE efforts. 

Central to our efforts is the belief that most socio-political, environmental, public health, safety and economic challenges must be addressed across four dimensions:


Offering of assistance, especially in the form of food, clothing or money given to those in special need or difficulty.


1HOPE operates a Mobile Food Pantry. We are expanding our service area to reach more guests in need of food in a food desert located in Kenosha where there is currently limited access to healthy, nutritious, food due to a lack of grocery stores and accessible pantries. We partner with health service providers in the community who mobilize their health services such as blood pressure screening, etc., as well as service and insurance providers in our community who have beneficial resources for this group.

1HOPE is part of the Kenosha County Food Bank Network, a group of pantries (Shalom Center, Salvation Army & The Sharing Center) and community leaders meeting to better align services and establish a Food Bank for Kenosha County.


Action to assure the best possible services for, or intervention in the service system on behalf of, an individual or group is realized.


1HOPE partners with an After-School Mentorship Program, Crossroads Kids Club, that is faith-based. We will continue to operate our free after-school program at Brass Elementary every Monday of the school year serving around 30 students. We are looking to expand our program into additional Elementary Schools in need of after-school resources.


Taking a person out of their social context/situation and transplanting them into a therapeutic or convalescent environment.


1HOPE mobilizes volunteer power through our Wrap-Around Care Model to support the foster care cause in our community. Faith communities, civic groups, businesses, and individuals will all be invited to do something to improve capacity and stability in foster care. These children are some of the most vulnerable members of our community; therefore, when you change the trajectory of a foster child you literally change our community forever. Everybody can do something to help support a foster family. Whether it be through meals, babysitting, or notes of encouragement, we all have a role to play.


Local people are recognized as the primary architects of a more sustainable future and are enabled to come together to discover, connect and mobilize the assets required to create and realize their shared long term vision.


1HOPE builds relationships with local people, where they are recognized as the primary architects of a more sustainable future. We facilitate coming together to discover, connect and mobilize the assets required to create and realize their shared long term Vision for the geographic area we serve.

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