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We understand how it feels to desire a sense of community, a place where you can come together and work towards a common goal. You shouldn’t have to walk that road alone and that’s why 1HOPE exists. Serving not only changes your city, it will change your life. You’ll soon discover that no one forgets the face of the person who offers them hope. By focusing on our areas of impact together, we can ensure our resources and energy are creating the transformation we desire in the lives of our neighbors. We invite you to get involved with any of the volunteer opportunities listed below, or use the following link to make a donation.


2020 was a challenging year that caused us to re-assess how we mentor. 1HOPE believes that mentorship spans across a lifetime and that a positive mentorship experience cultivates independence and confidence for the mentee to be able to thrive amid everyday challenges and setbacks through the mentor’s influence, guidance, and insight shared. Throughout all that 1HOPE does, mentorship is at the core. We identify, develop, and equip our volunteer leaders to become strong mentors to be able to advance our work in foster care and neighborhood transformation through providing the tools, infrastructure, and resources to ensure that they’re developing into effective mentors that can profoundly reach and impact those we serve. Through building authentic, grassroots relationships with those who mentor and serve, we learn about their desires and dreams in order to connect their strengths as mentors to meet the expressed desires and dreams of those we serve. We believe that everyone – those served and those serving – has value, talents, and experiences that bring mutuality to our mentorship approach. We all have something to learn from one another.



The assessment of family needs and the provision of services not only enhances families’ ability to meet their children’s varied needs but is also associated with better permanency outcomes and more placement stability. (Children’s Bureau)

Foster Family Support Network

The 1HOPE Foster Family Support Network (FFSN) seeks to provide support and encouragement to ensure foster families have the best possible experience which helps improve outcomes for children in care. By organizing and partnering with the community and volunteers to support foster families, the FFSN reduces the burden for foster families and enhances the likelihood of a positive foster experience. Whether it is having a volunteer take care of physical jobs around the house, having a night of babysitting, or providing meals, these services allow foster families to maintain a healthy environment without an overabundance of stress and ultimately help to provide better care for the children placed in these foster homes. According to the Children’s Bureau, the assessment of family needs and the provision of services not only enhances families’ ability to meet their children’s varied needs but is also associated with better permanency outcomes and more placement stability. These positive experiences not only increase the number of foster homes that re-license, but also increase the number of new homes licensed, as they will know that if they become a foster home in Kenosha County, the Foster Family Support Network will be there to support them.


1HOPE Neighborhood Transformation Initiative

1HOPE builds relationships with people in the neighborhood, where they are recognized as the primary architects of a more sustainable future. 1HOPE facilitates coming together to discover, connect and mobilize the local resources required to create and realize a shared long-term vision of the neighborhoods we serve. We accomplish this through our growing team of Neighborhood Advocates, who have grown up in Uptown or currently reside in Uptown, and who are passionate about seeing Uptown thrive.

What is a Neighborhood Advocate?

The Neighborhood Advocate is a relationship-oriented individual that has passion and skill in casting vision, building relationships with their fellow neighbors, mobilizing support. They utilize their strengths, talents, and giftings as they learn about the dreams, desires, and challenges of their neighbors.  

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