Your City.

Your People.

Your Purpose.

Your City – Rebuilt

Your People -Restored

Your Purpose -Renewed

Imagine a city rebuilt, where individual groups that once stood isolated now choose to unite as a community to solve what seemed to be unsolvable.

Imagine a group of people who were once in need now restored to reach their full potential as valued members of our community.  This will be accomplished as we feed those who are hungry, mentor the next generation, and care for foster children, the most vulnerable members of our society.

Imagine a renewed sense of purpose for all to think, work, and plan for the benefit of future generations in committed efforts to break cycles of hopelessness. This community would flourish as God intended.


“The initiatives of 1Hope help to address the current unmet needs of the community. Through their unifying model, they will help to bring greater impact to our community.”

– Mayor John Antaramian

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