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The mission of 1HOPE’s Foster Family Support Network (FFSN) is to ensure that every foster family is receiving enough support, love, and encouragement throughout their foster care journey. Our heart is for not only for foster children but for the entire family. Through our FFSN, we help foster families meet their day-to-day needs as they open their hearts and homes to some of the most vulnerable children in our city. Support from our network helps reduce the stress foster families face while providing a better experience and outcome for the foster child placed in their care. These positive experiences not only increase the number of foster homes the re-license but also increase the number of new homes licensed. New families are aware that if they become a foster home in Kenosha County, the FFSN will be there to support them.

Family Volunteer

Are you interested in working directly with a foster family? Do you want to build life-giving relationships and have a lasting impact on these children and parents? If so, this is the option for you. As a family volunteer, you will commit to blessing a foster family one time every month. What does this look like? Well, it depends on how you would like to serve! We will match you with a family that wants to receive what you are willing to give. Blessings typically include bringing a meal, random acts of kindness, babysitting, mentorship, gift cards, gas cards, or anything to make life a little easier and the families to know that they are not alone!

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Immediate Needs Team

Are you interested in meeting the immediate needs of Kenosha’s foster families? Don’t have the time or capability to commit to serving a family every month? If so, this is the option for you. As a volunteer on the Immediate Needs Team, you will be notified of urgent requests that come from our 1HOPE families. This may be anything from dropping off a meal when there is a family emergency, purchasing or helping find items for a family who just took in a newborn and doesn’t have any baby items, praying for a family who is undergoing significant behavioral challenges with their foster child, or assisting families who are trying to create more space in their house for more placements but they simply don’t have the finances to do so.

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Events Volunteer

Are you interested in serving our foster families and our 1HOPE team at our events? We are always looking for more help with every event we put on! There are several different events you can serve at from diaper pick up, to Saturday fun days, to our annual Back-to-School Bash, to our annual Christmas party, our annual Pickleball tournament, and more! You won’t regret volunteering this way. It’s always a great time and so much fun!

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In 2020, the average daily number of children in foster care in Kenosha County is 201.

Not every family is called to foster, but everyone can help a family in some way.

Karisa Wenberg – Executive Director of 1HOPE

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