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Restoring Hope.

1HOPE leader, Dr. Bob Griffith, and his family, were recently a featured story in the latest edition of Southeastern Alumni and Friends Magazine’s – Summer 2020 issue. In the article, Bob shares how his own personal spiritual journey allowed him to be called into deeper understanding of foster-care from both a system and ministry perspective. Bob discusses how he recognized that God was directing him in this walk using his own personal, professional and community experiences that would prepare him to have a long-lasting positive reach into the community – restoring hope and transforming lives, through the 1HOPE non-profit organization.

“The trajectory of each child in foster care is positively changed forever when each of us do what we can to help,” said Dr. Bob Griffith, President of 1HOPE. “For some it’s being a foster parent, and for others it’s showing encouragement to those that foster. Not everyone can be a foster parent today, but everyone can do something.”

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