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Each year Community State Bank generously provides each employee with $150 to donate to a non-profit organization of their choice. I’m very proud to be one of eleven employees who donated their funds to 1HOPE. 1HOPE supports families who welcome foster children into their homes. They are unique because they see beyond the individual child who needs help by offering support to the entire family. They understand that when a family opens their home to a child or multiple children everyone is affected.

1HOPE has a small staff of three people and it’s amazing what they, along with volunteers, can accomplish. They provide babysitting services, make meals for families, run errands, as well as provide respite and emotional support. The families who are blessed by 1HOPE’s services become a community and they know they can lean on each other. They know that there is someone there who will understand the challenges and emotions of difficult times and celebrate with them during happy times.

What is so impressive is how this is a labor of love for the 1HOPE team. They know all of the families and their children. I had the opportunity to be at one of their monthly Diaper Day events where they provide diapers for every child in the family who needs them. In addition to the diapers they also have clothes, games, toys, and stuffed animals for the children to take home with them. The families are greeted by name with hugs from the staff and the children are so excited to see them.

I think what I love most about 1HOPE is that they help people who are helping people. They are truly “paying it forward.” There is a great need for foster families in Kenosha and it takes dedication to become a foster parent. The foster children have experienced great trauma in their lives and they deserve to be in a safe, loving environment. These families are providing that and 1HOPE is making it a little easier. My one hope is that this organization will be the encouragement for future foster parents to make the commitment. Together they are making a difference and changing lives.

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